Kratom Crushed Leaf Kilos

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Crushed Kratom Leaf is one of the freshest and purest forms of Kratom. Literally, this is the leaves from the Kratom tree, except they are lightly pulverized into crushed form instead of being fully grinded into powder.

Crushed Leaf is excellent for making Kratom Tea, far more so than regular Kratom powder, and in-fact crushed leaf is even excellent for smoking. This makes crushed leaf highly popular.

Our Crushed Leaf Kilos come in individual vacuum sealed bags, ensuring that it is as fresh as the day it was harvested. Also, our Kratom is lab tested to ensure 100% purity and maximum potency, with Mitragynine content ranging from 1.5%-1.7%, which is as strong as Kratom gets (see lab test results in product gallery).

Also, you can choose to have your Kilos come in Amazing Botanicals packaging, unlabeled, white labeled, or private labeled in your own brand. Simply leave a note at checkout indicating which option you desire for packaging. For private labeling quotes, or any other questions, please call/text 954-694-0613.